Welcome to Mohave SUN Club (Socially United Nudists and Naturists), a family friendly non-landed travel club (do not own property), based in Mohave County, Arizona. Mohave SUN Club is affiliated with  AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation), AANR-West, and The Naturist Society (TNS). Monthly events include meeting in members homes for themed parties/potluck style with scrumptious food, on members boats on Lake Havasu, at landed nudist clubs, and at AANR, AANR-W and AANR-NW events. It’s all about having fun in the buff and developing friendships with like-minded naturists in a safe, comfortable and relaxed setting. In our gatherings, the stress falls off along with the clothes and long lasting friendships are made. Mohave SUN Club promotes body acceptance, non-sexual nudity, and wholesome nude recreation in a fun loving, non-judgmental and respectful atmosphere. Join us in experiencing the freedom and joy that comes from living life naturally.

Achieving AANR charter status in June, 2016, Mohave SUN Club activities include nudist pool parties, themed/holiday parties  (e.g. Halloween Christmas, New Years Eve, St. Paddys, Mardi Gras, Cinco de Mayo, Middle Eastern/Arabian Nights, Hawaiian luau, Super Bowl), BBQ’s, wine tastings, game and movie nights, boating, hiking, and camping. The club joined with another to rent a houseboat on Lake Powell, sail together on Bare-Necessities cruises, and attend music and other festivals at AANR clubs.  Having fun together leads to textile activities including an annual trip to Desert Bar in Parker, with its unique atmosphere as an old mining site with music and more after a 5 mile off road bumpy ride; happy hours and favorite restaurants; and trips to the boat parade, fireworks display, and Hot Air Balloon Festival in Lake Havasu City. Members are encouraged to host or organize an event of their choice during the year.

Membership fees are $20 yearly plus AANR Membership and a one time $15 processing fee.   AANR fees are less when going through Mohave SUN Club than directly to AANR as an Associate member. Prospective members attend up to 3 events before officially becoming an introductory member for the first year, assuring a good fit within the club. For questions or for more information on club activities, membership etc.,  please send an email to mohavesunclub@gmail.com.

Stay safe and healthy. Mohave SUN members practice social distancing and if this is not possible, wear masks at events. Thank you for attending only when healthy. Look forward to hearing from you.

Sharron and Spike, Mohave SUN Club